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New Reading Guide is Here!

The Door at the End of the World Readers' Guide

Something you might not know about me is that before I became a published children’s book author, I worked in publishing as a textbook writer and editor. With my colleagues and our clients, I developed teachers’ guides to dozens of texts, dreaming up reading comprehension questions, essay prompts, and engaging activities to support educators as they helped their students dig deeper into the books and stories they shared in class.…

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Giveaway Winners and Your Favorite Diana Wynne Jones Books

Thanks to all the readers who entered my giveaway of advance copies of THE DOOR AT THE END OF THE WORLD! I’ll be mailing ARCs to the six winners: Julia V., Kit G., Katie W., Magan, Aylea W., and Jennifer M.…

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A Fantastical Giveaway

If you’ve ever heard me talk about my love of children’s books, or if you’ve ever asked me for book recommendations, you probably know that one of my favorite authors is Diana Wynne Jones, who wrote dozens of funny and wildly imaginative fantasy novels over her long career.…

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Friends, I’ve got a cover to share!

THE DOOR AT THE END OF THE WORLD, the book I crashed into and stumbled through, will be published by HarperCollins Children’s Books next spring, in April of 2019, and I am so pleased and excited to be able to tell you a bit more about it.…

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Stumbling Into Story

When I visit schools, I always tell kids about my writing process, and I always say that I’m a plotter: I won’t start writing a book until I know exactly what happens at the beginning, what happens at the end, and a number of details about the scenes in between.…

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