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The Door at the End of the World Readers' Guide

Something you might not know about me is that before I became a published children’s book author, I worked in publishing as a textbook writer and editor. With my colleagues and our clients, I developed teachers’ guides to dozens of texts, dreaming up reading comprehension questions, essay prompts, and engaging activities to support educators as they helped their students dig deeper into the books and stories they shared in class.

Now that the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way so many of our children will learn this school year, putting educators under extraordinary stress and sending parents in search of curriculum materials to support kids’ learning outside the classroom, I thought it might be useful for me to return to my educational publishing roots. I’ve developed a Readers’ and Educators’ Guide to The Door at the End of the World, available to everyone as a free PDF download. It’s a twelve-page guide full of discussion questions, vocabulary-building exercises, writing prompts, suggestions for hands-on activities related to the book, and more. I’ve made sure that each section of the guide addresses familiar Common Core English Language Arts standards for elementary school students, so teachers can more easily incorporate the material into their existing lesson plans and so caregivers can feel confident that kids are learning the same skills they’d be focusing on in the classroom. Whether you’d like to read The Door at the End of the World aloud to students or give it to a child for independent reading, I hope that this guide will make it easier for you to use the book as a fun and interactive teaching tool.

I’ve written this guide with students in grades 3-6 in mind, but you can use it with older or younger children if you feel it provides an appropriate level of challenge and engagement for your readers. Please let me know if you find the guide useful; if it’s helpful to enough teachers and families, I’ll consider creating similar guides for the Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates series and for The World’s Greatest Detective. And as always, I am happy to offer free 20-minute video Q&A sessions to school groups, book clubs, or other small groups of students who’ve read at least one of my books. (Please contact me for more details about that!)

Whether you are facing a new school year in the classroom, through a computer screen, or by your young reader’s side, I’m sending you my very best wishes and hoping that even in this difficult time, you and the kids you love will be able to find joy in the pages of a good book.


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  1. Caroline, this is awesome! I am preparing to home-school my five yr old granddaughter and my neighbor’s 7 and 10 yr old girls. They are super inquisitive, adventurous, independent, animal-loving, fairy-house building, civic-minded and helpful friends and neighbors (when my Kendall is with me) and we are all psyched!!

    Hope to be in touch.

    xxoo Mo

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