To contact me about my books:

You can get in touch with me at caroline [at] carolinecarlsonbooks [dot] com. I read all my e-mails, and while I can’t promise a reply, I’ll do my best to write back to you.

If you’d like me to get in touch a couple times a year with news about my upcoming books and events, you can sign up for my newsletter, The Scuttlebutt. You can also find me on Threads, Facebook, and Instagram.

To contact me about LitHub children’s book coverage:

If you are a traditionally published author of children’s books or a publicist representing children’s titles, feel free to contact me at caroline [at] carolinecarlsonbooks [dot] com with information about your upcoming book or the titles you represent. Please do not send unsolicited attachments. I can’t reply to every pitch I receive, but I wish you the best with your new release!

For rights information:

I am represented by Allison Hellegers at Stimola Literary Studio.