Hurrah for Brazil

I’ve been running around a lot this holiday season in a mad quest to bake as much food as possible. This weekend I baked the Betty Crocker Cookbook sugar cookies I grew up with every Christmas, and today I’m making a new recipe for saffron buns. If they’re good enough, maybe they’ll get to be a full-fledged Christmas tradition in our house someday. (I’ve already, um, sampled the batter, and I’m giving it two sticky thumbs up so far.)

Anyway, I’m taking a quick break from all that to sit down at my flour-coated keyboard and let you know that the wonderful people at Brazilian publisher Companhia das Letras will be publishing my pirate books in Brazil! I hope Brazilian kids will like spending time with Hilary and her gargoyle as much as I do.

(If you’re wondering, like I was, the Portuguese word for gargoyle is gárgula. And I’m not sure what the Portuguese translation of arr! is, but as soon as I find out, I’ll be sure to let you know.)